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Utilizing crop storage technology to reduce mycotoxin threat

September 07, 2021

However, the last few years have brought new mycotoxin control technologies that are underutilized in our grain storage bins. But, incorporating them at each step of the grain handling process can provide valuable assistance in controlling mycotoxins in animal feed.

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10 warning signs of mycotoxins in your dairy herd

August 05, 2021

Ever-present in the farm environment, mycotoxins are a potential threat to even the best-run dairy operations.

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Taking the mystery out of mycotoxins

July 08, 2021

The digitization of agriculture is being viewed more and more as one of the key ways the sector can meet some of the pressing challenges surrounding animal welfare, food safety and environmental sustainability.

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Recognising the warning signs of mycotoxins in pigs

June 15, 2021

Pigs are particularly susceptible to the risk posed by mycotoxins. Ingestion of contaminated feed may impair a pig’s cellular and tissue integrity, leading to an unhealthy imbalance of different physiological systems. These cause organ malfunction that results in depressed pig performance, decreased immunity and reduced health status.

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Gut health and mycotoxins: What do we know so far?

May 24, 2021

The gastrointestinal tract represents the first barrier against ingested chemicals, feed contaminants and natural toxins. Following ingestion of mycotoxin-contaminated feed, intestinal epithelial cells can be exposed to high concentrations of toxins.

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Managing the Mycotoxin Challenge in Forages

May 05, 2021

Forages have long been the standard feedstuff for ruminant livestock production. The use of higher forage content total mixed ration (TMR) has increased in recent years,  createing the need for greater monitoring of the quality for  high inclusion feedstuff(s).

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Can healthy soils and foliar sprays reduce the mycotoxin risk in crops?

March 25, 2021

The infection of crops by fungal pathogens has the ability to reduce crop yield and quality, however, what is often of greater concern to livestock producers is the secondary metabolites which these fungi produce.

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Climate change and mycotoxin risk: Analysing an evolving problem

March 19, 2021

Climate conditions can profoundly affect growth, distribution and mycotoxin production in fungi, changes in climatic conditions has the potential to increase the risks that mycotoxigenic fungi pose to food and feed safety.

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