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Alltech 37+

Learn how to empower the most effective mycotoxin control strategies

Alltech’s broad spectrum lab-based mycotoxin analysis 

More and more evidence is highlighting the negative impact of the multi-mycotoxin challenge on animal health and productivity. Utilising advanced mass spectrometry techniques, Alltech 37+ is designed to reveal the presence of multiple mycotoxins in raw materials, compound feeds and TMRs.

With a network of testing laboratories across North America, Europe and Asia, Alltech can support feed and livestock producers with developing a sampling and testing program that is most suited to their individual needs.

Linked to Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management Portal, producers can easily view and assess their results, and with the support of the local Alltech team can ensure any necessary actions can be implemented to maximise feed quality and protect the health and performance of livestock.

Alltech 37+ provides a comprehensive overview of the mycotoxin risk in animal feeds by:

  • Testing for 54 individual mycotoxins
  • Assessing the Risk Equivalent Quantity (REQ) and demonstrating the potential multi-mycotoxin challenge
  • Uploading data to Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management portal
  • Generating actionable insights

Benefits of Alltech 37+

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Suitable for testing a wide range of feedstuffs

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Independently accredited laboratories

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All mycotoxin test data is stored in one integrated platform

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Implement the most informed mycotoxin control strategies

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Protect and enhance the nutritive value of animal feeds

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Compliments the field-based mycotoxin testing with Alltech RAPIREAD

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Expert support from Alltech's mycotoxin technical teams

Risk Equivalent Quantity: Understanding the overall risk

In order to better understand the link between mycotoxin analysis and animal performance, Alltech’s dedicated Mycotoxin Management team has developed the risk equivalent quantity (REQ). This figure represents the overall mycotoxin risk associated with a sample and a particular species’ health and performance based on the cumulative effect of the groups of mycotoxins present in a feed sample.

For more information on the Alltech 37+ mycotoxin analysis, or how to submit a sample, contact your local Alltech representative today.