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Mycotoxin Symptoms

Although we continue to gain a greater understanding of mycotoxins, they often remain a hidden threat and are likely to be responsible for numerous undiagnosed health and performance issues in livestock worldwide. Mycotoxins impair optimum livestock performance by affecting intestinal, organ and immune systems – which in turn has an obvious subsequent negative impact on farm profitability. Animals can ingest mycotoxins from numerous different sources, including pasture, preserved forages, grains, by-products, complete commercial feeds and bedding materials.

For the majority of livestock producers, the result of mycotoxin presence is more likely to be seen as a subtle, chronic problem rather than acute issues, but the outcome in all cases will be reduced performance and lost profits. Specific impacts and symptoms will vary based on the severity of mycotoxin contamination, types of mycotoxins ingested and species type. However, mycotoxins will typically affect the bottom line of livestock operations through:


Managing the mycotoxin threat

Based on years of research and expertise, the Alltech® Mycotoxin Management Program offers a proven holistic solution that enables producers to identify and mitigate mycotoxin challenges before they have a chance to seriously impact animal health and performance. Combining modern mycotoxin detection technologies, data analysis, insights and mycotoxin binding solutions, Alltech is working together with producers to find innovative ways to control the mycotoxin risk across livestock systems globally.