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Mycosorb A+

A broad – spectrum solution to managing the mycotoxin challenge

Containing both yeast and algae, Mycosorb A+® is a broad – spectrum mycotoxin binder designed to reduce mycotoxin absorption within the animal and proven to offset the risks to health and productivity that are associated with mycotoxin-induced damage. In addition to contributing to the control of mycotoxins, Mycosorb A+ also helps to support immune function and gut health within the animal.

How does Mycosorb A+ work in the animal?

Mycosorb A+ helps mitigate the risk of mycotoxins to an animal’s body by the method of adsorption. Adsorption is the process by which carbohydrate components of yeast and algae cell walls bind to mycotoxins, removing them from the animal’s digestive tract before they have a chance to cause serious harm and negatively impact health and performance.

Features of Mycosorb A+

  • Tackles mycotoxins as a whole rather than just dealing with individual mycotoxin challenges.
  • Proven efficacy at extrusion temperatures of up to 125 degrees Celsius.
  • Stability over a wide pH range.
  • Avoids interactions with other minerals and nutrients.

Benefits of Mycosorb A+

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A broad spectrum solution

to controlling the threat of mycotoxins in animal feed

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Support animal immunity

and reproductive health

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Contributes to a healthy gut

Environment in the animal

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Optimises animal performance

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At regular low levels of inclusion

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Rapid support

Interacts with mycotoxins within 10 minutes

A mycotoxin binding solution backed by decades of scientific research

Developed through decades of mycotoxin research, with a specific focus on in – vivo trials that aim to closely replicate the conditions of commercial livestock production, when choosing Mycosorb A+ you can be confident that you are using a proven mycotoxin binder solution that helps to safeguard the health and productivity of your animals.


Mycosorb is not available in the USA or Canada

Recent Research

  • Meta-analysis of the effects of mycotoxins and yeast cell wall extract supplementation on the performance, livability, and environmental sustainability of broiler production | Weaver et al., 2022

This valuable resource evaluates all available data to provide an overall conclusion on the impact of mycotoxins and yeast cell wall extract in broiler production.