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Accessing and using our digital tools

The key to reducing the threat of mycotoxins is to be able to identify the mycotoxin risk in raw materials and finished feeds. To make it easier for you to detect and understand the risk mycotoxins may pose to your business, the Alltech Mycotoxin Management program has developed a suite of modern testing and digital analysis tools. Whether you are a feed mill or livestock producer, we help to ensure you always have the right information to effectively mitigate any potential threat. To help you get started and make the most of our testing and digital tools, we have developed a range of training materials and how – to guides.

Alltech Mycotoxin Management Portal

The Alltech Mycotoxin Management Portal is our main digital hub and provides secure web-based access to users who can access and view not only their own mycotoxin test results, but also gain insights into contamination profiles in various regions across the world. Designed for ease of use, and possessing a modern user interface, customers who register for the portal have access to both Alltech 37+® and Alltech RAPIREAD test results and detailed analysis of their submitted samples. To create your account on the Alltech Mycotoxin Management portal, simply follow the instructions in the guide below:

Alltech 37+®

The Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis test is the cornerstone of our mycotoxin testing program and between our labs in USA, Ireland and China, we have run over 49,000 samples, each searching for over 50 mycotoxins in animal feed.

Customers who have a Portal account can now submit an Alltech 37+ test request and generate a submission ID for delivery of the sample to the laboratory*.

*Currently only available to customers based in the USA


Linked to the Neogen Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform, Alltech RAPIREAD is a data management system which allows you to submit mycotoxin tests using a mobile app, and within 10 minutes view the test results in the same app. The system is capable of testing for seven of the main mycotoxins in individual ingredient/raw material samples. Click the links below to access: