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Learn how to detect mycotoxins in real time

Having the right information at the right time is crucial for you to make the most effective mycotoxin control decisions. Connecting modern portable test devices with the latest mobile technology, Alltech® RAPIREADenables you to identify and analyze mycotoxin risk within minutes.

Utilizing Neogen® testing technology, the system is designed for use on-farm or in the feed mill and is suitable for testing individual grains and forages. Six key mycotoxins can currently be identified, including aflatoxin, ochratoxin, zearalenone, DON, T2/HT-2 toxins and fumonisins.

The Alltech® RAPIREAD system consists of:

  • Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform
  • Alltech® RAPIREAD app
  • Alltech® RAPIREAD Data Sync Tool
  • Mycotoxin Management Portal

Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform

Easy-to-use rapid mycotoxin test kits that provide accurate and reliable results in minutes.

The Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform from our partner Neogen, is a portable mycotoxin test kit which allows you to test samples of individual grains and forages on site. With the new Raptor®, we now have the power to solve mycotoxin issues faster than ever before. Combining the power of two different market leading readers, our rapid test kits are portable and designed to work equally well on farm or in the feed mill, providing an easy method to objectively read, store and analyse results from lateral flow strips. The Raptor® controls the timing, temperature and reading of the test strips, allowing users to simply add a sample and walk away.

Accurate results can be determined for Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, DON, T2/HT-2 Toxins, Fumonisin and Ergot, helping understand the level of mycotoxin threat in rapid time.

Three ports for independent processing of samples

Utilises Neogen Data Manager Software system for easy data analysis

Alltech® RAPIREAD App

Make mycotoxin testing even faster and easier by submitting test requests and viewing results on the go with the new Alltech® RAPIREAD mobile app.

In conjunction with the latest Raptor® technology from Neogen, we now have the power to help you solve mycotoxin issues faster than ever before. Alltech® Mycotoxin Management have developed a secure mobile app that allows you to submit mycotoxin test requests and subsequently view the results of your test in one place. When used in association with the Neogen Raptor®, the Alltech® RAPIREAD mobile app provides a portable and speedy way to help identify individual mycotoxins in the feed-mill or on farm.

Fast and secure request submission on the go

Intuitive and easy-to-use in the feed-mill or on farm

Log in to view all your test requests and results in one place

Alltech® RAPIREAD Data Sync Tool

Once a mycotoxin test is completed, seamlessly transfer the results to your online database. The Alltech® RAPIREAD Data Sync Tool is a custom Windows PC application that pulls data directly from the Raptor® test strip reader and uploads it to your online database.

The Data Sync Tool allows a seamless way to upload mycotoxin test results for interpretation.

Results can be rapidly uploaded, stored and analysed. Accurate results can be determined for Aflatoxin, Ochratoxin, Zearalenone, DON, T2/HT-2 and Fumonisin, while the report generated helps to understand the potential risk from the combination of mycotoxins found.

Instantly transfer results to your online portal

Track and manage your results seamlessly

Mycotoxin Management Portal

Organise and view your Alltech® RAPIREAD test results, analysis and insights in one easy to use portal.

Once testing is complete, this easy-to-use interface allows you to analyse, store and view mycotoxin test results. These insights can help both farmers and feed manufacturers to better maintain and protect animal health and operational profitability.

Web based access to your test results, analysis and insights

Support and guidance to help optimise animal health and operational profitability