Alltech Mycotoxin Management Team explain why Alltech’s mycotoxin findings in Canada matter to producers with RFD-TV.

Dr. Max Hawkins from our Global Mycotoxin Management team, recently took the time to talk viewers 

High levels of mycotoxins present in 2016 Alltech Canada Harvest Analysis

The Alltech® Mycotoxin Management team analyzed corn, spring wheat, barley and triticale samples from across Canada

European dairy farmers warned to take proactive measures as weather conditions raise risk of mycotoxins

Samples recently collected as part of the Alltech European Summer Harvest Analysis indicated a high risk for the presence of mycotoxins


Europe’s maize harvest showing mixed results due to weather

The European maize harvest is underway, and it is expected that the crop will result in a higher yield than last year, but it remains 10 percent below the average of the five previous years.

High levels of Aflatoxin B1 In Brazilian Maize

The EU has one of the highest food safety standards in the world

Quantity not equal to quality: U.S. beef and dairy producers must remain vigilant to mycotoxin threats

The U.S. is expecting a large corn crop, projected as high as 15.09 billion bushels, and the 2016 wheat crop yields have been at or near record levels in several wheat classes.

Alltech 37+® Analysis helps pig farmers in China

Mycotoxins have been shown to reduce feed intake, damage gut integrity and cause poor fertility and each of these issues can be a major cost to producers. 


The Costs of Mycotoxins in Swine Production

Although mycotoxins are now more widely discussed and considered, many producers remain undereducated on the scope of the threat mycotoxins can pose to their animals, as well as the cost-benefit ratio related to precautionary management programs. 


Don’t Forget About Aflatoxin B1!

Commonly known as field mycotoxins, aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) is causing some buzz across North America as the well-known toxin is showing up in storage grains, posing heightened risks to dairy production.



Alltech Opens State-of-the-Art Mycotoxin Laboratory in Europe

Mycotoxin contamination in feed continues to be an ever-present risk. According to our 2015 European Grains and Forage Harvest Analysis, dairy and beef cattle are at high risk for mycotoxin exposure. Inconsistent weather