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In the latest episode of Mycotoxin Matters we welcome Dr. Max Hawkins, Global Technical Support Manager, Mycotoxin Management, Alltech and Dr. Jan Dutton, CEO of Prescient Weather Ltd. Prescient Weather creates CropProphet and the World Climate Service. CropProphet is a weather-driven grain yield forecasting system designed to help global agriculture industry participants with an interest in grain quality and yield.

Unravel the impact of weather patterns on crop production during the 2023 growing season, and explore the potential risks of extreme weather events on mycotoxins levels. Gain valuable insights into weather’s role in agriculture and its influence on the global food supply chain.

🎧 Listen here: #31 The Impact of Weather on Crops and Mycotoxin Risk | Dr. Jan Dutton & Dr. Max Hawkins | Mycotoxin Matters (