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In this episode of Mycotoxin Matters, host Martin Minchin is joined by Gordon Marley, Alltech’s global silage support specialist, and Dr. Radka Borutova, Alltech’s European technical support manager. They discuss the results from Alltech’s harvest programs in Europe and North America, highlighting the differences in mycotoxin contamination and risk between corn silage in the U.S. and grass silage in Europe. Dr. Borutova emphasizes the high risk in Europe due to prevalent Penicillium mycotoxins. Gordon discusses the challenges faced during harvest and stresses the importance of proper forage management to prevent mycotoxin issues during storage. The conversation also covers the impact of mycotoxins on animal health and the practical steps livestock producers can take to manage mycotoxin challenges from a nutritional perspective. The episode concludes with a discussion on the benefits of using EGALIS, Alltech’s silage inoculant, to optimize fermentation and reduce losses during ensiling.