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Mycotoxin Regulations

Many international agencies are trying to achieve universal standardisation of regulatory limits for mycotoxins. This is an incredibly difficult task as many factors have to be considered when deciding on regulatory standards. In addition to scientific factors, such as risk assessment and analytical accuracy, economic and political factors such as the commercial interests of each country and the constant necessity of a sufficient food supply also play a role in the decision making process.

The whole process is further complicated by the fact that action levels pertain to single mycotoxin contamination, but in reality, several mycotoxins often occur in combination which may require different and often lower action levels.

Measuring the toxicological effects of a variety of different mycotoxin combinations, as they occur in nature, is an enormous and probably impossible task, especially considering that they may be mycotoxins present that have not been identified. In addition, nutritional, management, environmental and species all play a contributory role in determining the effect of a combination of mycotoxins on animal health.

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