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New ergot toxins added to the Alltech 37+ test panel

Mycotoxins threaten animal health and producer profitability but with the Alltech 37+® test, mycotoxins can’t remain hidden for long. Identifying and addressing these hidden challenges is very important and the Alltech 37+® mycotoxin analysis test is the cornerstone of our world leading mycotoxin control program.

Alltech 37+® test results provide a realistic picture of feed contaminants in feed ingredients or TMRs to speed up the process of diagnosis, suggest effective remediation and help move toward an effective mycotoxin control plan. Between our labs in Lexington Kentucky and Dunboyne Ireland, we have run nearly 22,000 samples, each searching for over 37 mycotoxins in animal feed.

The latest news is that we now have the ability to test for over 50 different mycotoxins, which means the best just got even better. When you submit a sample for testing you will now see an additional 10 new mycotoxins that have recently gained attention in scientific research for becoming important for the agricultural industry.

With this new research, we are now able to not only detect these mycotoxins but also begin to understand how they can impact animal performance and health.

What are these new mycotoxins?
Group on 37+ Assessment Report Toxicity Symptoms
Ergot Toxins • Gangrene (cool weather)
• Impaired thermoregulation (hot weather)
• Agalactia or reduced milk production due to impacts on
circulating prolactin levels
• Impact rumen function and milk components
• Intestinal damage
• Altered gestation length
• Altered gain or weight loss

We are adding these new ergot toxins to the panel to include the most relevant ergot toxins impacting animals. These include:
• Ergotamine
• Ergocristine
• Ergosine
• Ergocornine
• Ergocryptine

We will now be also covering both stereoisomers of these compounds too.

The increase in ability to test for even more mycotoxins is just one of a number of innovations from our program. Mycotoxins hit profits hard but with Alltech’s Mycotoxin Management program, we’re helping your customers fight back faster than ever before.