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Mycotoxins in Asian Aquafeeds

Authors:​ Dr. Henry Wong and Dr. Sudhakar Govindam

The aquafeed industry is fast evolving with the development of advanced technologies, including feed processing technology, the application of novel ingredients and nutritional breakthroughs. There is a lot of interest in focusing on alternative ingredients to reduce the reliance on fishmeal and fish oil from capture fisheries in formulations to meet sustainability requirements. However, the inclusion of plant-based ingredients in aquafeed presents some challenges to fish and shrimp with regards to digestibility, antinutritional factors, palatability, nutritional profiles including minerals and amino acids, and mycotoxin contamination. Read more about the contamination in raw materials and finished aquafeeds in Asia from the Alltech Aqua Mycotoxin Survey in the recently published article in Aqua Culture Asia Pacific by Dr. Henry Wong and Dr. Sudhakar Govindam.

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