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Egypt rejects a Russian wheat shipment due to Ergot

Excessive levels of Ergot, the common fungal disease in grain, has been found in a shipment of Russian wheat rejected by Egypt, the world’s biggest wheat importer.

Spokesman Hamid Abdel Dayim, said the 63,000-tonne cargo sold to state grain buyer GASC, contained 0.06 percent ergot – above the 0.05 percent limit permitted according to Egypt’s state tender rules.  Egypt is the most important whear market for Russia and has previously baffled traders by imposing tough import standards.  This included a zero tolerance level for ergot which was then removed and replaced with the more internationally recognised standard of 0.05 percent whent he country was shunned by major suppliers.

A source at the company responsible for the cargo has said the wheat was in line with tender specifications.