A condition commonly seen in high producing dairy cows in which mobility is affected. There are a range of different causes that fall under infectious or non-infectious agents. Lameness causes reduced feed intake, causing reduced body weight and production such as a reduced milk yield.


Inflammation of the laminae of the hoof, impacting an animal’s mobility. Common in horses and cattle. Commonly caused by ingestion of rich grass in horses and can be caused by a range of different factors in cattle. Reduced mobility in cattle leads to reduced feed intake and consequently reduced body weight and production.


Poultry bred to produce large numbers of eggs used for human consumption.


Type of plant, commonly grown as a crop, which produces its seeds in pods. Can be used for livestock forage or silage. Common legumes used in agriculture include alfalfa, peas and soybean.


A change or abnormality to the tissue of a living organism, most commonly caused by trauma or disease.

Lolitrem B

A tremorgen produced by Neotyphodium lolii, an endophytic fungus. Causes ryegrass staggers.